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Economic Indicators for Greene County, NY

The Numbers that Measure Sustainable Growth

Choosing the right location to locate or expand your business can be a daunting task.  We’ve taken the many factors that define the health, viability, and potential of our county and assembled a set of Key Economic Indicators to provide measurable insight about the people, infrastructure, and opportunities in Greene County, and provide year over year comparisons.

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  • Age Demographics
  • Natural Increase
  • Net Migration
  • Percentage of Population Growth
  • Students K-12

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  • In-County Labor Force
  • Total Employment
  • In-County Employment
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Number of Unemployed Residents
  • In-County Jobs by Sector

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Workforce Income

  • Median Wage for All Sectors
  • Total Wages per Sector
  • Average Employee Wages by Sector
  • Open Public Assistance Cases

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Real Estate

  • Median Home Value
  • Number of Houses Sold
  • Available Commercial Properties
  • Shovel-Ready Locations

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Greene County Leading Employers

  • Small businesses
  • Tourism
  • Public sector
  • Manufacturing and distribution

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Greene County Residents in 2023 totaled 47,062 versus 47,345 in 2022.
  • Natural Increase in 2023 was 0 versus 0 in 2022 for a change of 0%.
  • Net Migration in 2023 was 0 versus 0 in 2022 for a change of 0%.
2022 2023 % Change
Greene County Residents 47,345 47,062 0.6%
Natural Increase 0 0 0%
Net Migration 0 0 0%
Under 18 yrs. 18 - 62 yrs. Over 62 yrs.
Residents by Age Group 16% 60% 24%
2022 2023
Student Population K -12 5,444 5,412


The total workforce in Greene County in 2023 was 20,424 versus 20,288 in 2022.
  • Total Employment in 2023 was 19,678 versus 19,572 in 2022.
  • In-County Employment in 2023 was 15,664 versus 15,579 in 2022.
  • The Unemployment Rate in 2023 was 3.8% versus 3.7% in 2022.
  • Total Unemployed in 2023 was 746 versus 715 in 2022.
2022 2023
Total Workforce 20,288 20,424
Total Employment 19,572 19,678
In-County Employment 15,579 15,664
Unemployment Rate 3.7% 3.8%
Total Unemployed 715 746
In 2023, 88.5% of the Greene County Workforce had at least a High School Diploma and 27.6% earned a Bachelors Degree or higher.
% of In-County Jobs
Manufacturing/Construction/Transportation 7%
Retail Trade 11%
Hospitality & Lodging 10%
Professional & Technical Services 1%
Healthcare & Related Services 5%
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate 3%
School Systems & Local Governments 0%
Arts/Entertainment/Recreation 2%
Federal Agencies 0%
State Agencies & Prisons 0%
Wholesale Trade 4%
Utilities & Information 1%
All Other Businesses 27%
In 2023, Greene County had 0 open public assistance cases versus 0 in 2022 (a change of 0%).

Income & Industries

In 2023, the Median Wage for Greene County workers was $0 versus $70,294 in 2022.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of Greene County Employer Categories and their associated Average Annual Wage.

Average Wage
Manufacturing/Construction/Transportation $60,173
Retail Trade $30,371
Hospitality & Lodging $26,478
Professional & Technical Services $55,128
Healthcare & Related Services $43,310
Finance/Insurance/Real Estate $66,408
School Systems & Local Governments $0
Arts/Entertainment/Recreation $25,477
Federal Agencies $0
State Agencies & Prisons $0
Wholesale Trade $62,027
Utilities & Information $75,890
All Other Businesses $28,709

Real Estate &  Property Taxes

  • 579 homes were sold in 2023 versus 774 in 2022.
  • The Median Home Value in 2023 was $315,000, versus $325,000 in 2022.
  • Property Taxes in 2023 were $3.00 per $1,000 of assessed value versus $4.00 in 2022
2022 2023
Annual Homes Sold 774 579
Median Property Value $325,000 $315,000
Property Taxes per $1,000 $4.00 $3.00

Hudson Valley Regional Housing Market Report
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Greene County Leading Businesses by Employment and Sector

Small businesses thrive in Greene County’s Tourism-Driven economy. Public sector employment is strong, and the county’s proximity to major markets makes it an ideal hub for regional manufacturing and distribution.


Location Industry Sector
300+ Employees
Cairo-Durham School District Cairo/Durham Public
Catskill School District Catskill Public
Coxsackie Correctional Facility Coxsackie Public
Empire Merchants North Coxsackie Wholesale Distributor
Greene Correctional Facility Catskill Public
Greene County Catskill Public
Hunter Mountain Resort Hunter Tourism Attraction
Wal-Mart Catskill Retail
Windham Mountain Resort/Mtn Bike Ride Center Windham Tourism Attraction
100-300 Employees
ARC of Ulster-Greene Catskill Service
Coxsackie-Athens School District Coxsackie/Athens Public
Ducommun Aerostructures Coxsackie Industrial
Essendant Coxsackie Wholesaler
Ferguson Coxsackie Wholesale Distributor
Greene County Bancorp Catskill Service
Greene Medical Arts Catskill Service
Greenville School District Greenville Public
Haleon (formerly Glaxo Smith Kline) Durham Industrial
Home Depot Catskill Retail
Hunter-Tannersville School District Hunter/Tannersville Public
Greene Meadows Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Catskill Service
Lowes Catskill Retail
Serta New Baltimore/Coxsackie Industrial
Stewarts Shops Various Retail
Sunny Hill Resort & Golf Course & Viking Obstacle Course Greenville Tourism Lodging/Attraction
Windham-Ashland-Jewett School District Windham/Ashland/Jewett Public
25-100 Employees
Amos Post Co/Kosco Catskill Retail/Wholesaler
Acra Manor Acra Tourism Lodging
Albergo Allegria Windham Tourism Lodging
Baumann's Brookside Greenville Tourism Lodging
Big Top Tent Rentals Cairo Service
Bronck Museum Coxsackie Tourism Attraction
Camptown Catskill Tourism Lodging
Casings, Inc. Catskill Industrial
Central Hudson Catskill Utility
Christman’s Windham House & Golf Resort Windham Tourism Lodging/Attraction
Coxsackie Transport Coxsackie Service
Crossroads Brewing Athens Manufacturer/Wholesale/Retail
Cumberland Farms Various Retail
GNH Lumber/Pioneer Greenville/Windham Retail
Greene County YMCA Coxsackie Service
Hannaford Markets Cairo Retail
Hudson River Bulk Inc. Athens Transport
Lehigh Northeast Cement Catskill Industrial
Marriott Corp. New Baltimore Service
Marshall & Sterling Leeds Insurance
Mid-Hudson Cable Catskill Service/Internet Provider
National Bank of Coxsackie Coxsackie Service
Culpeper Wood Preservers 5 (Northeast Treaters) Athens Industrial
Peckham Materials Corp. Athens Industrial
Price Chopper Catskill Retail
Save-A-Lot Coxsackie Wholesaler
Scribner’s Catskill Lodge Hunter Tourism Lodging
The Elliot Catskill Service/Long Term Care
The Pines Catskill Service/Long Term Care
The Wire/Newbury Hotel Coxsackie Tourism Lodging/Event Center
Tops Coxsackie/Greenville Retail/Wholesaler
Villa Vosilla Tannersville Tourism Lodging
Wylder Windham Windham Tourism Lodging
Zoom Flume Water Park East Durham Tourism Attraction
Location Industry Sector
25 or Fewer Employees
AIM Radiant Heating Cairo Industrial
Amerigas Athens Utility
Armstrong’s Elk Farm Cornwallville Tourism Attraction
Ashland Mountain House Ashland Tourism Lodging
Athens Generating Co. Athens Utility
Baliwick Ranch Catskill Tourism Attraction
Bavarian Manor Country Inn Purling Tourism
Beds On Clouds B&B Windham Tourism Lodging
B&B Lounge Catskill Tourism Lodging
Best Western New Baltimore Inn West Coxsackie Tourism Lodging
Blackhead Mountain Lodge & Country Club Cairo Tourism Lodging
Black Bear Lodge Lexington Tourism Lodging
Blackhorse Farms Athens Agriculture/Retail
Blackthorne Resort East Durham Tourism Lodging
Boat N RV Warehouse Coxsackie Retail
Bridge Street Theater Catskill Tourism Attraction
Brookside B&B Haines Falls Tourism Lodging
Captain’s Inn Point Lookout East Windham Tourism Lodging
Carriage House B&B East Durham Tourism Lodging
Catskill Golf Resort Catskill Tourism Attraction
Catskill Inn Catskill Tourism Lodging
Catskill Lodge Windham Tourism Lodging
Catskill Motor Court Catskill Tourism Lodging
Catskill Mountain Lodge Palenville Tourism Lodging
Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corp. Catskill Housing
Catskill Transmission Catskill Service
Catskill Stream B&B Palenville Tourism Lodging
Cave Mountain Motel Windham Tourism Lodging
Cave Mountain Brewing Co. Windham Manufacturer/Retail
CA Albright & Sons New Baltimore Service/Distribution
Colonial Golf Course Tannersville Tourism Attraction
Country Place Resort East Durham Tourism Lodging
Country Suite B&B Windham Tourism Lodging
Creekside Acres Cairo Tourism Lodging
Crystal Brook Resort Round Top Tourism Lodging
Cuomo’s Cove Windham Tourism Lodging
Curran’s Suites Haines Falls Tourism Lodging
Deer Mountain Inn Tannersville Tourism Lodging
Deer Watch Inn East Durham Tourism Lodging
Eastwind Windham Tourism Lodging
EmUrgent Care Various Service
Fairlawn Inn Hunter Tourism Lodging
Gallery Inn Catskills Durham Tourism Lodging
Garrison Fire & Rescue Palenville Industrial
Gavin’s Golden Hill Resort Cornwallville Tourism Lodging
George Ellen Round Top Tourism Lodging
Gerhard Guitarworks Windham Manufacturer
Glen Falls House Round Top Tourism Lodging
Greene County Council on the Arts Catskill Tourism Attraction
Greene County Historical Society Coxsackie Tourism Attraction
Greene Mountain View Inn Tannersville Tourism Lodging
Greenville Arms 1889 Inn Greenville Tourism Lodging
Hamilton Hotel Windham Tourism Lodging
High Peak Motel Haines Falls Tourism Lodging
Hillside Mountain Inn Windham Tourism Lodging
Hinterland Design Coxsackie Service
Hectar Holding Company New Baltimore Service
Holiday Inn Express West Coxsackie Tourism Lodging
Hollowbrook Inn & Restaurant Greenville Tourism Lodging
Hotel Vienna Windham Tourism Lodging
Hull-O-Farms Durham Tourism Lodging
Hunter Inn Hunter Tourism Lodging
Hunter Wellness Retreat Hunter Tourism Lodging
Island Green Golf Course Greenville Tourism Lodging/Attraction
Intelligent Technology Solutions Coxsackie Service
Jimmy O’Connor’s Windham Tourism Lodging
Jim’s Great American Prattsville Retail
Kaaterskill Associates Cairo Service
Kaatskill Mountain Club Hunter Tourism Lodging
KathodeRay Media Catskill Media Consultants
Kelly Acres Windham Tourism Lodging
Kilcar Hotel Greenville Tourism Lodging
Mansion & Reed Guest House Coxsackie Tourism Lodging
Martinez Auto Body Shop, Inc. Coxsackie Service
McGrath’s Motel East Durham Tourism Lodging
Matter Contracting Coxsackie Manufacturer
Mavis Discount Tire Catskill Retail
Michael Dee’s Motel East Durham Tourism Lodging
Moore’s Motel Prattsville Tourism Lodging
Mountain Meadow Inn Lexington Tourism Lodging
Mountain Top Arboretum Tannersville Tourism Attraction
Mountain Top Historical Society Haines Falls Tourism Attraction
Mountain Trails XC Ski & Snowshoe Center Tannersville Tourism Attraction
Mountain Treasure Inn Maplecrest Tourism Lodging
NAPA Auto Parts Various Wholesale/Retail
Needles In the Haystack Oak Hill Tourism Lodging
New York Springwater Halcott Manufacturer
NYMD Green Lake Resort Catskill Tourism Lodging
Orpheum Theater and Performing Arts Center Tannersville Tourism Attraction
Pattison, Koskey, Howe & Bucci, CPAs, P.C. Catskill Service
Peloke’s Motel Catskill Tourism Lodging
Penske Coxsackie Service
Piano Performance Museum Hunter Tourism Attraction
Pine Lake Manor Greenville Tourism Lodging
Pine Ridge Farm Greenville Tourism Lodging
Pioneer Bank Cairo Service
Prattsville Art & Residency Center Prattsville Tourism Attraction
Quikcrete New Baltimore Manufacturer/Wholesale/Retail
Red Carpet Inn West Coxsackie Tourism Lodging
Red Ranch Motel Catskill Tourism Lodging
Reidlbauer’s Resort Round Top Tourism Lodging
Rip Van Winkle Brewing Catskill Service/Retail Brewing
Rip Van Winkle Country Club Palenville Tourism Attraction
Rip Van Winkle Motor Lodge Leeds Tourism Lodging
RC Lacy Catskill Retail
Royal Metal Products Greenville Industrial
Rose Motel Durham Tourism Lodging
Roseberry’s Inn Hunter Tourism Lodging
Rosehaven Inn Haines Falls Tourism Lodging
Ross Site Development Coxsackie Manufacturer
Roundtopia Mountain Bike Center Round Top Tourism Attraction
Ruby’s Hotel Freehold Tourism Lodging
Salon 255 Coxsackie Service/Retail
Sawyer Chevrolet Catskill Retail
Sedgwick House Hunter Tourism Lodging
Shamrock House East Durham Tourism Lodging
Shinglekill Falls B&B Acra Tourism Lodging
Simply Durham Cottages East Durham Tourism Lodging
Snowed Inn B&B Tannersville Tourism Lodging
Spruceton Inn West Kill Tourism Lodging
Stack’s Lamp Post Motel Cairo Tourism Lodging
State Telephone Coxsackie Utility
Stewart House at the Athens Hotel Athens Tourism Lodging
Story Farms Catskill Agriculture/Retail
Story’s Nursery Freehold Wholesale/Retail
Subversive Catskill Wholesale/Retail Brewing
Sugar Maples Center for the Creative Arts Maplecrest Tourism Attraction
Sun View Hotel Tannersville Tourism Lodging
Supersonic Speedway East Durham Tourism Attraction
Swiss Chalet Tannersville Tourism Lodging
The Inn at Hill Crest Manor Cairo Tourism Lodging
The Kaaterskill Catskill Tourism Lodging
The Lumberyard Catskill Tourism Attraction
The Mountain Brook Tannersville Tourism Lodging
The Terrace Cairo Tourism Lodging
Thomas Cole National Historic Site Catskill Tourism Attraction
Thompson House Windham Tourism Lodging
Thorpe GMC Haines Falls Retail
Thunderhart Hotel & Golf Course Greenville Tourism Lodging/Attraction
Tip Top Furniture Freehold Retail
Trustco Catskill Service
Tumblin Falls House Purling Tourism Lodging
Twilight Lodge Haines Falls Tourism Lodging
Twin County Medical Associates Catskill Service
Washington Irving Inn Hunter Tourism Lodging
Weldon House & Motel East Durham Tourism Lodging
Willow Pond Motel Catskill Tourism Lodging
Windham Country Club Windham Tourism Attraction
Window Modes Durham Manufacturer
Winter Clove Inn Round Top Tourism Lodging
Winwood Inn & Condos Windham Tourism Lodging
Wolfgang B. Gourmet Foods Catskill Industrial
Wolf’s Maple Breeze Catskill Tourism Lodging
Young’s General Store Prattsville/Catskill Retail
Zaddock Pratt Museum Prattsville Tourism Attraction

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