Commercial Property Available
in Greene County, NY

Below is a listing of featured properties and available shovel-ready sites in Greene County, NY.  For more information on any of the listings below, contact the Greene County Economic Development Corporation by email using the form below or call (518) 719-3290

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Exit 21 Catskill East

Lot Size: 5.159 acres
Zoning: Commercial
Location: Route 23B adjacent to NYS Thruway Exit 21, Catskill

The Exit 21 Catskill development project is a joint initiative between the Greene County Industrial Development Agency (Greene IDA) and the Greene County Economic Development Corporation.

This highly accessible shovel-ready site is adjacent to NYS Thruway Exit 21 Catskill, approximately 100 miles north of New York City and 30 miles south of the state capital in Albany. It is well suited for hotel, meeting space, or restaurant development.

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