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The Wire Event Center & James Newbury Hotel
Coxsackie, NY

Lot Size: 5+ Acres
Building: Riverfront Hotel & Event Center
Zoning: Retail & Commercial
Location: South River Street

The James Newbury Hotel, opening in 2022, will enable visitors to “reconnect with history, nature, and fun on the Hudson River in Coxsackie, NY. Top-notch amenities and boutique accommodations. 47 superior guest rooms, luxury suites, rooftop bar, full-service spa, and more.”

The multi-acre riverfront site runs from the end of Historic Reed Street, south along River Street to the site of a former wire factory.  Aptly named, The Wire event center will draw hundreds of new visitors each week, welcoming weddings, conferences, and special events.

The site itself contains multiple renovation/repurposing projects including the Historic Patrick Henry Tavern and a former 19th-century opera house.

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Paving, Parking and Prep for the Holidays

Everything is being made ready for The Wire to host a concert by the Coxsackie-Athens Community Band as part of Christmas by the River on Sunday, December 4th, 2022. Back deck and Terrace of Patrick Henry’s also provides great river

Window, Bricks, and River Views

Throughout January & February, work never stopped as river view rooms were added to Patrick Henry & The Wire, and windows were installed in both the hotel & event center.  The original iron-works capstone will greet visitors entering The Wire,

Winter Progress

No need to slow the work for winter weather! Progress on the Wire Event Center and James Newbury Hotel continues. Zip sheathing and siding are going up, and the glass walls around the bar area have been installed.

Framing Completed at James Newbury Hotel

Rising behind the signature mural logo of the Patrick Henry Tavern (under full renovation) the new steel for the James Newbury Hotel is erected by crane.  Staircases and Elevator Shafts are in place, and the entire event property is taking

Riverview Deck at the Wire

A signature feature of the Wire Events Center is its indoor/outdoor Riverview deck and bar.  The perfect spot for mixers, conversations, and enjoying river-front vistas.  Radiant-floor heating extends the comfort of the space, while retractable door/walls enable year-round usage.

The James G. Newbury Hotel at the Wire

Building and renovation continue as the structural steel is erected for the Wire’ supporting hotel named for the owner of the original ironworks.  Flach Development proudly posts a new rendering along with the logos of its project partners.

Framing & Insulation

Prep for Windows, Doors & Flooring Pours at The Wire


A full team of employees from management, hospitality, and construction backgrounds were hired and working full-time to get the project running in time. Construction is now in “overdrive” and expected to be completed in the summer of 2021 – with

Construction Begins

After a brief pause in construction in March due to COVID-19, construction on the event center began in full. This included preservation work (roof, any structural repairs, fixing bricks, removing waste, getting project off ground) and initial construction as well.

Grant Recieved

After working closely with the Greene County EDC (specifically, Karl Heck and Warren Moon), Aaron and his initial team were awarded an Empire State Economic Development Fund grant and additional state funding totaling $2 million.


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